Digital Photos on Canvas in the 21st Century

Exceptional image quality and several other advantages in digital photography have led to many people in many different situations making frequent use of this form of media. Everyone from amateur photographs to professionals it would seem, have hopped aboard the bandwagon and are taking beautiful pictures with digital cameras. There are several arenas in which digital photography is being used today.Many professional news photographers from major television papers and magazines are currently using digital photography. It is as professional and attractive as traditional film and due to the rapidity with which digital pictures can be developed it has the crucial advantage of assisting media professionals in meeting extremely tight deadlines. Digital photography is also in vogue with many amateur photographers. It is particularly useful when sending images by email to friends and family, uploading them onto personal websites, and framing to place upon the walls of your home.Some professional, commercial photographers and some amateurs too, prefer to use digital photography because they believe that its flexibility overrides its expensive initial outlay. Film photography on the other hand, involves a continued financial investment for supplies and to develop pictures afterward. Some professionals have also begun moving to digital because of the impressive array of editing features offered on modern PC and MAC computers. The photographer can edit and manipulate the image in ways that equipment in darkrooms cannot do.Some commercial photographers and amateur photographs who invest in photography for artistic reasons, have been resistant to using digital cameras rather than film cameras because they erroneously believe that the quality of a digital camera is not up to par. This however isn’t the case. The use of digital photography in artistry is a new trend in both photography and modern art. There are those who have coined themselves as “purest” and they believe that the process some how is of greater importance than the final product. This is never the individual who brings something new or novel to birth.Digital photography on canvas is a valid, esthetically pleasing and valuable art media that provides pleasure to the beholder. It has already made an impression within modern art galleries and museums worldwide. The breathtaking works of many famous modern artists including Richard Piegza, Philip Pocock and Richard Prince grace the walls of several internationally renowned fine arts institutions. Frequently these painters travel the world offering lectures to art students and professionals alike as to the methodology and use of digital photography and video in art.On a more personal and far less expensive vein, digital photography on canvas is the savoir-faire movement attainable at independent art galleries. The work is tailored to an individual client’s requirements and offers a stunning, sentimental gift for a loved one. Photography on canvas is a custom-made piece of artwork tailored specifically to one’s needs and interests. The subject matter varies and is anything whatever that the client chooses. Not only is the artwork tasteful it is a spectacular tribute to color, design and technology that belongs in every art collectors’ home or business.

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